12 It Girl–Approved Looks That Are Perfect for Valentine’s Day

If you aren’t the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day, it’s still a fun excuse to go out with your beau or your friends—even if it is a Hallmark holiday. Let us tell you, arriving in anything adorned in hearts or flowers will definitely make you look like a Valentine’s Day enthusiast. In case that’s not exactly the vibe you’re going for, we’re here to show you a selection of outfits that are on the more subtle side.

Whether you’re in need of a more casual daytime look or a chic going-out ensemble, there is a no-fuss look in here for you with absolutely zero saccharine hearts in sight. As long as you follow the simple and approachable outfit formulas ahead, you are guaranteed to have a fabulous-looking Valentine’s Day.

Keep scrolling to see the most stylish outfits to wear this Valentine’s Day.

Style Tip: If you want to wear one of the most popular Valentine’s Day colors for the day, opt for an ’80s-inspired dress with a pair of black tights.

Style Tip: Not much of a dress person? Opt for a silk matching set instead.

Style Tip: Combine a pair of vibrant pink pants with a lavender-hued jacket for an unexpected color combination.

Style Tip: Without a doubt, styling a feminine frock with a pair of tights and chunky sneakers will create an undeniably cool contrast.

Style Tip: If you want to wear a classic red dress for Valentine’s Day, keep your accessories simple with a pair of simple black kitten heels.

Style Tip: If you’re going to wear a hot-pink suit, dress it down with a dark T-shirt.

Style Tip: If you have something more casual planned for this Valentine’s Day, style a pair of classic jeans under your dress.

Style Tip: Feeling especially festive? A sequinned skirt with a basic Tank top and a timeless coat will be perfect for you.

Style Tip: Add a romantic touch to your outfit with a pretty pink coat.

Style Tip: A prairie girl–inspired top in a cherry-red hue paired with chic, kitschy jewelry will be an unique combination for the holiday.

Style Tip: For a guaranteed non-cheesy Valentine’s Day look, pair a hot-pink top with cool, plaid pants in a similar shade.

Style Tip: Another route you can take for Valentine’s Day is the ultra-flirtatious combination of a corset with a bias-cut skirt.

Up next, the Valentine’s Day gifts your S.O. will actually love.

This story was published at an earlier date and has been updated by Dale Chong.

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