22 Cute T-Shirts to Wear With Jeans This Spring

Okay, serious question: Is there anything better than a good jeans-and-tee outfit? I’ll assume I’m hearing a collective no. The classic combo of a great pair of jeans and a quality tee is unbeatable and what we all wish we could be wearing at all time. Perfectly effortless yet totally comfortable, the jeans-and-tee outfit combo will truly never go out of style. For that reason, we decided it would be beneficial to all of us who live in this outfit combo (aka everyone) to scour the internet for the best T-shirts to wear with jeans this spring. From printed tops worthy of a night out to the perfect white T-shirt, below are the 22 best T-shirts we’ve seen for spring. 

How chic is this cutout?

You can’t beat this price for a band tee.

Tie-dye is still going strong.

A striped tee is as classic as it gets.

Just the right amount of kitch. 

The ring detail makes this tee stand out.

This would look so cool with straight-leg jeans.

Nothing beats a classic white tee.

This color is so striking. 

How fun!

The piping detail is too cool.

Perfect for high-waisted jeans. 

Hello, weekend outfit!

Band tees will never go out of style.

Throw a plaid jacket on top for the perfect weekend look.

This one feels so French.

This print is perfect for a night out.

Polo tees are back, people.

If ever there were a night-out T-shirt, this is it.

Polished enough for the office.

This looks like you picked it up at a concert 20 years ago. 

This neckline is so pretty.

Your childhood dreams come true.

Next up: seven spring date-night outfits that look amazing with jeans.

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