9 It Items New Yorkers Have Been Wearing on Repeat

Need a fresh update on what’s happening in the big apple? Don’t worry—it will only take a New York minute (cue Mary-Kate and Ashley in matching “I Love NY” tees). Okay, my attempts at humor are done for the day. New York is the city that never sleeps, which means when it comes to the newest and coolest items on the market, city dwellers don’t skip a beat. Since the landscape of this industry is always changing, we felt it was about time we filled you in on the hottest new It items New York City fashion girls are wearing around the clock.

To us, an It item is deemed so once we’ve seen multiple people wear it and incorporate it into their current wardrobe rotation. It’s not a trend, per se—it’s more of a hero piece for the time being. This time around—from shearling jackets to moire satin bags—the ladies ahead are here to open you up to the latest and greatest on the market (and in NYC) that will make your seasonal wardrobe shine a little brighter.

This pink fluffy jacket from The Arrivals has been spotted on stylish New Yorkers from the second winter arrived here in the city. Complete with its fun color and slightly obnoxious oversized nature, if you love a statement outerwear moment, this jacket is 100% for you. 

Prada’s F/W 19 runway show introduced us to the idea that the bigger the lug sole, the better. These weird but cool (and slightly orthopedic-like) shoes are currently the Prada shoes to own, and we don’t see the owners slowing their role when it comes to the frequency at which they wear them. 

Fashion girls love a cool new bag brand to obsess over, and ever since the drop of For the Ages, it’s the contemporary bag brand we’ve been seeing on the arms of influencers and editors alike. If you aren’t familiar, click into the product below and get ready to go crazy over which color you like the most. They’re all so good. 

Nanushka is beloved by shoppers around the world, but it’s these belted vegan-leather trousers that are making a name for the brand this season. Since leather is trending, it’s easy to understand where the obsession with these trousers came from, and the built-in Western belt certainly helped. 

New York Fashion Week is on the immediate horizon, and while we can predict the heck out of the trends and It items we’ll see on the street style scene, Bottega Veneta bags will certainly be taking center stage yet again. However, this new croissant style is one we are expecting to see outshine all the rest. 

No, this Ganni top is nothing new, but now that sweaters are a critical part of our day-to-day wardrobe as New Yorkers, this shirt with the massive collar has proven to be the easiest styling hack amongst the NYC style scene. Wear it on its own or layer it underneath sweaters and cardigans alike. 

Talking about this oatmeal sweater set is like beating a dead horse at this point, but ever since Zara restocked the matching crop-top–and-cardigan duo, New Yorkers have proven they haven’t stopped buying it or wearing it. 

When winter begins to feel like it will never end, New Yorkers tend to get creative with their cold-weather gear, particularly their hats. Emma Brewin, the designer of this stunning furry topper, rose to the scene last winter and has only continued to gain steam since. 

Wandler boots are to a fashion girl what salt is to a chef (aka necessary if you want things to have some flavor). While the brand sells plain black boots for those of you who don’t like having any fun (I’m only joking), it’s the two-tone styles that city dwellers have been counting on to jazz up their daily ensembles.

Next up, shop the 11 under-$100 basics I’m telling all my friends about. 

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