9 Things I’m Buying From Nordstrom to Upgrade My Airport Style

Okay, fine. I’ll admit it. I have really bad airport style. I would love to say that I show up for my flight looking fly as hell with my Bella Hadid–inspired look, but at the end of the day, I usually wear something that I would never want anyone to see me in, and at the age of 27, I decided it was time for me to step up my game. Since I am clearly a tad lazy when it comes to airport style, I wanted to make things easy on myself by doing all of my “improvement shopping,” we’ll call it, at one place: Nordstrom.

Ahead, check out my official list of nine items I’m buying from the trusty retailer in order to upgrade my current airport style. From roomy trench coats to baggy jeans, I’m banking on the following additions to my wardrobe to give my in-flight looks a major glow-up. 

This spring, a trench coat is going to be my go-to as far as lightweight outerwear goes. I plan on buying mine a bit oversize so I can get comfortably lost in it. 

Baggy jeans are currently the denim trend celebrities can’t stop wearing and for good reason. With all that traveling, these roomy pants leave them looking cool but feeling comfortable—two things I also aspire to attain. 

At first glance, these might look like rather intense airport shoes, but once you realize you can slip in and out of them with ease, you’ll be sold. 

Even when the weather warms up, I plan on investing in roomy blazers that will turn even my basic leggings-and-tee airport uniform into something that more closely resembles a thoughtful outfit. 

Go incognito with the help of a baseball cap. Perfect for hiding that I literally just woke up and frantically packed my bag in five minutes face-and-hair situation, this classic accessory will prove to be your saving grace.  

If leggings are your only pants of choice when flying, it’s nice to make sure they are at least a little interesting. I plan on investing in a few pairs that are still super wearable but that have some interesting details like unique seams or a festive waistband. 

If your carry-on looks disheveled, chances are it can impact your overall look, making you look disheveled as well. If it’s time to invest in a new one, then take our advice and add one of the below to cart. I know I am. 

Joggers and sweatpants are quickly replacing leggings among the fashion community. My goal is to hop on that train ASAP and ride it for as long as humanly possible. 

Last but not least, a roomy tote is a must whenever boarding a plane. You’ll be needing a big bag to store snacks, beauty products, a hoodie, and more, and the chicer the tote, the chicer the look. 

Next up, shop the only under-$100 jeans you should be looking at right now. 

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