Just Eat offers customers ‘contactless’ delivery amid coronavirus concerns

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Many people across the UK are self isolating to reduce the spread of coronavirus and following the government’s guidelines around social distancing.

Now, takeaway service Just Eat has launched a ‘contactless’ delivery option when you order from the app or website in a bid to keep both customers and couriers safe.

Customers can now request for their food to be dropped off on their doorstep, with the courier ringing their phone or doorbell to alert them that the order has arrived to minimise contact.

‘The most up-to-date recommendations focus on social distancing to help prevent the spread of illness,’ Just Eat says.

‘So, in order to help our customers follow this guidance, you can now request contactless deliveries for your card payment orders.’

Here’s what you have to do:

1. Login to the Just Eat website or your Just Eat app as normal

2. Choose your restaurant and menu items as normal

3. During the checkout process, go to the box that says ‘leave a note for the restaurant’

4. Write your request for contactless delivery in the box E.g. “Please leave my food on the doorstep and ring the bell to let me know it’s delivered.”

In an email to customers, Just Eat said: ‘We are continuing to share the guidance issued by the government and health authorities with all of our Restaurant Partners, and have increased provisions for keeping food protected during the delivery process.

‘We have provided food couriers with government and health authority guidance on how to operate safely in the current environment, as well as additional recommendations on how best to interact with our restaurants and customers. All our couriers will be on the lookout for your contactless delivery instructions, as described above, too.

‘We always take our responsibilities, as an organisation that connects restaurants, customers and couriers, extremely seriously. In light of the current developing situation, we will continue to provide guidance for you and everyone across the Just Eat community when it comes to everyone’s health – taking appropriate action as the situation continues to evolve.’

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