This guy slapped his mom’s boobs for a TikTok and, honestly, it’s exhausting

TikTok viral Aiden Ridings

TikTok user, Aiden Ridings, is receiving pushback for a viral video of him slapping his mother’s breasts to the beat of “Undercover Martyn” by Two Door Cinema Club.

In the Feb. 18 video, the 17-year-old, whose TikTok username is “@freakden,” stood in front of his mother and danced to the song before hitting his mother’s breasts in quick sequence with the beat. The video lasted about eight seconds, and it’s accumulated nearly 4.5 million views on Twitter.

Slapping someone’s breasts in quick succession with the 2008 hit song is a popular trend on TikTok, but many online users said it was “disturbing” for Ridings to use his own mother.

Unilad reports that Ridings took down the video, but he still stands behind his actions.

“I thought it was really funny and I needed to do the video for laughs on my TikTok page,” Ridings told Unilad. “My mother was open to doing it. The reaction I got online was OK, some people were laughing and some people weren’t but that’s social media.”

After watching the video, some Twitter users have decided to take a break from the platform (and probably the internet, in general).

“I don’t mind the criticism because that’s social media too,” Ridings said. “I thought it was funny, and I posted it so others can think it’s funny too. And people say some stuff but I just choose to ignore it.”

Ridings did not immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment.

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