This Is The Perfect Lipstick Shade To Go With Your Favorite Glass Of Wine

Cabernet Sauvignon: Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips Liquid Lipstick


Cabernets are the ultimate classic when it comes to wine- so you should have an equally classic lip shade to match! Cabernets are full-bodied, usually with notes of cherries, dark fruits, and a hint of spice. Choosing a shade like Hollywood Lips Liquid Lipstick from Charlotte Tilbury will capture that classic red lip that you crave without overshadowing the wine you’ve poured into your glass.

Rosé: Mac Vegas Volt


Rose wines tend to whisk you off to memories of summer and beachy weather, so a slightly lighter shade makes sense when sipping on it. Rose usually embodies fruits such as strawberries and watermelons, as well as citrus notes that have a clean finish. Rocking a coral hue like MAC’s Vegas Volt will give you a relaxed feel and look- which is likely the mood you’re in while you’re sipping on that glass.

Pinot Grigio: Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick


If you reach for this crisp white when you’re ordering, you know that it’s refreshing and citrus taste calls for a lip color that is just as demure and intriguing. Pinot Grigio wines usually carry notes of white peach, cantaloupe, and almond and have a higher acidity than most of its white counterparts. Going for a light berry shade such as Pure Color Envy from Estee Lauder enhances your smile without screaming for attention- which makes it a perfect compliment!

Moscato: Maybelline Color Sensational Made For All Lipstick in Pink for Me


Sometimes you need a wine that is easy to drink, and Moscato fits the bill perfectly. With plenty of sweetness and qualities such as honey, orange, traces of caramel, this wine is decadent without being too sugary. It’s a wine that even the most devoted of dry wine lovers can get behind, given its subtle sweetness with a hint of fizz. In the same way, you’ll need to grab a lipstick that is universally flattering and makes just enough of a statement without begging for attention. This Maybelline lipstick in “Pink for Me” is just dark enough not to be a nude shade, but not so bright that it steals the spotlight- a perfect match!

Merlot: Sephora Crimson Crush


Merlot drinkers aren’t afraid to go a little darker with their palettes- in both taste and color. Merlot wines boast flavors of cherry, dark plum, and even chocolate- decadent and indulgent. It makes sense for you to take the same attitude with your lip shade. Swiping on a coat of Sephora’s “Crimson Crush” is a dark hue that makes a statement that you aren’t afraid to show off. Besides, who wouldn’t want to rock a shade that matches their wine?

Pinot Noir: Tarte in “FOMO”


Pinot Noir wines are easy-going and playful- and they aren’t afraid to show it. You can easily find notes of cherry and raspberry, with hints of vanilla and spice. Its versatility makes it easy to drink during the day or at night- and you need a lip color that can keep up. Choosing a mauve hue like “FOMO” from Tarte will ensure that you can keep a classic look during the day, but won’t fade in the background once you go out for the night.

Chardonnay: Honest Beauty in “Love”

Honest Beauty

Chardonnay already holds its own as the most requested white wine- it carries a classic and elegant persona that refuses to be ignored. With notes of yellow apple, pineapple, vanilla, and smooth butter, it has no problem stealing the show. Although it seems pretty contrasting, grabbing a bright red lip color is a perfect way to do the same! This option from Honest Beauty, aptly titled “Love,” certainly goes out of its way to turn heads, much like that bright golden beverage you can’t get enough of!

Sparkling Wine: Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color in “Unlocked”


When it’s time to celebrate (even if it’s just getting through the week), everyone knows that bubbly wines are the way to go. With notes of citrus, cream, and almond, it certainly stands out- especially once you pour it in a glass and watch the bubbles race to the top! When you’re excited and ready to celebrate, you need to rock a bold lip color that will capture everyone’s attention- and a bright, electric pink will do just the trick! Don’t be afraid to reach for something like “Stunna Lip Paint” from FENTY BEAUTY to make the moment unforgettable, no matter how much champagne you might partake in!

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