50 Ways To Win Over A Girl Whose Love Language Is ‘Physical Touch’

1. Let her wear your soft, fuzzy sweatshirts that smell exactly like you.

2. Give her shoulder massages before she even has to ask.

3. Hold her hand (or rest it on her thigh) while you’re driving.

4. Play with her hair right before you’re about to kiss her.

5. Cuddle with her while you’re watching movies.

6. Play the big spoon some nights — and the little spoon other nights.

7. Hold her tight and let her cry into your chest when she’s upset.

8. Kiss her on the forehead.

9. Kiss her on the neck.

10. Kiss her on the back of the hand.

11. Dance with her whenever music plays — and even when music isn’t playing.

12. Always choose the seat closest to her.

13. Let her rest her head on your shoulder during long train or bus rides.

14. Hug her from behind while she’s busy in the kitchen or her office.

15. Hug her hello and hug her goodbye.

16. Guide her down the halls with your hand on the small of her back.

17. Hold her hand in public, without caring who sees.

18. Play footsie with her beneath the dinner table.

19. Boop her on the nose.

20. Tilt up her chin to look her deep in the eyes before you kiss her.

21. Whisper something sweet into her ear.

22. Touch her arm when you laugh.

23. Run your fingertips up and down her skin.

24. Give her eskimo kisses.

25. Wrap your arm around her shoulder when you’re sitting side-by-side.

26. Squeeze her butt when you walk past her.

27. Give her surprise foot massages.

28. Make sure you engage in plenty of foreplay.

29. Tickle her sides.

30. Walk through the town with your arms linked together.

31. Sit shoulder-to-shoulder on the couch.

32. Give her a long, extended kiss.

33. Stroke your thumb across her palm while you’re holding hands.

34. Give her back scratches.

35. Go down on her.

36. Hold her waist while you’re walking with her.

37. Nuzzle into her.

38. Wake her up with kisses in the morning.

39. Push her hair behind her ear when it’s fallen in front of her face.

40. Gently cup her cheek as you kiss.

41. Let her wear your jacket when she’s freezing.

42. Let her sit on your lap.

43. Be the one to initiate kisses (and sex).

44. Give her high-fives, fist bumps, and pats on the back whenever she accomplishes something great.

45. Sleep under the same blanket together.

46. Take baths or showers together.

47. Nibble on her ear.

48. Nibble on her lip.

49. Once in a while, when you aren’t going to get in any trouble, engage in some PDA.

50. Never leave the house without giving her a kiss goodbye — and never come home without giving her a kiss hello. TC mark

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