Ken Bone dons iconic red sweater to endorse Andrew Yang

Ken Bone Endorses Andrew Yang 2020

Ken Bone, the red-sweater wearing man who went viral during a presidential town hall debate in the 2016 election, has endorsed 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang.

Bone made his announcement in a video he posted on Twitter Sunday night, just ahead of the Iowa caucuses.

“You guys know I don’t endorse candidates. Except for when I do. I’m fully on board, #YangGang all the way! Iowa, we need you. Tomorrow at 6:30 we can make this a caucus to remember!” Bone wrote in a tweet.

In an earlier tweet, Bone seemed to foreshadow his endorsement.

“The Iowa caucus is tomorrow. It’s a critical step in what’s already been a grueling election cycle. Show them what we got #YangGang,” he wrote a few hours before posting his video.

In the video—where he wore his famous red sweater, saying he didn’t put it on for “just anyone”—Bone said Yang was a candidate who “would put humanity first,” and would “think about tomorrow’s problems without putting aside the problems that we all face in our lives every day.”

Bone went viral in 2016 when he, as an undecided voter, asked a question about climate policies to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump during an October town hall debate.

As Iowa begins its caucuses today, Yang is polling around 3.8 percent, according to Real Clear Politics, which tracks a number of polls to get an average.


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