Mix and Match Verizon Fios plans will suit your streaming needs

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In the age of cord-cutting, TV and internet plans should be too good to pass up, and Verizon Fios plans certainly qualify. And for the first time ever, Verizon lets you mix and match with Fios offerings. If you act fast, Verizon will throw in 12 months of Disney+ at no cost. 

Stop paying too much for features you don’t need. Verizon has internet and TV plans to suit you and your family’s needs. The family that streams together stays together, and the basic 100/100 Mbps plan is perfect for binging movies, shows, and downloading photos. If there’s typically more than a handful of streamers at home, the 300/300 Mbps will keep them all happy. And if there are any gamers under your roof, a 940/880 Connection will upgrade their online experiences to new heights. Internet plans start at $39.99*.

Fios TV packages offer even more choice. 

Your Fios TV package comes with 125+ channels for only $50 per/month. If that’s not enough, More Fios TV doubles the offering with over 300+ channels, which also comes with regional sports for only $70 per/month. Or, if you simply must have it all, The Most Fios TV package offers 425 channels for $90 a month. Best of all, Fios TV Test Drive lets you try out all 425+ channels for 60 days, then Verizon will recommend the best plan for you based on your watching habits. Or, if you want to cut the cord altogether, YouTube TV gives you access to big cable channels like ESPN, NBC, AMC and more for only $49.99–no cable box needed. Plus, you get one month of YouTube TV at no cost.

To get started, select any internet or TV plan suited to you and your family’s needs. Pay for what you want, with no surprise fees or annual contracts. Whichever combination of plans you choose, you can enjoy a year of Disney+ at no cost. What’s more, if you go with the Fios Gigabit Connection package, you’ll receive a $100 Visa Prepaid Gift Card. The same deal applies if you decide on the Most Fios TV package. 

Verizon is letting Fios customers finally mix and match their internet plans to meet their needs. Switch now to its 100% fiber-optic network and pay exactly what you want without any annual contracts or surprises, with internet plans starting at only $39.99*.


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*Auto-pay required; plus taxes, equipment and other charges.

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