Sometimes, You Need To Escape Your Comfort Zone

Sometimes, you need to step away from situations that make you feel comfortable. You need to decide to do the thing that sounds like the most amount of work, the most amount of effort, the most amount of time, the most amount of risk.

Sometimes, you need to escape your comfort zone. You need to challenge yourself. You need to see what you’re capable of achieving when you let your bravery take control.

Sometimes, you need to let your worries take a backseat. You need to ignore your doubts, your fears, your what-ifs. You need to take a chance on yourself, even though you’re not completely sure of yourself, even though you have doubts, even though you aren’t positive whether you’re making the right move or making a mistake.

Sometimes, remaining in your comfort zone is a mistake. It can cause you to get too comfortable. It can cause you to settle. It can cause you to give up on your hopes and dreams because where you are right now isn’t that bad and you would rather continue on the way you’ve been living than make your world more complicated, than take risks, than put in the effort.

Sometimes, you’re doing yourself a disservice by allowing yourself to get too cozy in your current position.

You might need a change of pace. You might need a fresh start. You might need to start moving in another direction because if you stay right there forever you’re never going to grow, never going to evolve, never going to test your own potential.

Sometimes, you need to ask yourself whether you’re living the way you are right now because you’re happy or because you’re comfortable. You don’t want to give up on your dreams because you’re too terrified to chase after them. You don’t want to convince yourself you’re done trying because you don’t think you can get any further. You don’t want to lose faith in yourself.

Sometimes, you need to sacrifice your comfort for something greater. For true happiness. For inner peace. For a sense of self.

You don’t want to convince yourself this, right here, is as good as it’s going to get. You always want to strive for more. You’re a work in progress — and so is your life. You should never stop learning, stop growing, stop trying. You should keep trying to better yourself and better your situation.

Sometimes, you need to put yourself in uncomfortable situations. You need to make the first move instead of sitting around and waiting for someone else to ask you out on a date. You need to apply for your dream position instead of settling for the one you have right now. You need to go out and see the world — or at least see your town. You need to really live your life instead of settling for an okay existence.

Sometimes, you need to make the scariest choice. You need to act with courage. You need to escape your comfort zone. TC mark

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