Why He Blocked You After Finding Someone Else To Fuck

You’re not stupid. You realize he stopped talking to you after he found someone new. You’re just not sure why. Did his girlfriend get jealous and force him to stop talking to you? Or did he decide he was finished with your friendship now that you were off limits? You have no idea. And the uncertainty is killing you.

But here are some possibilities:

1. He only associated with you because he wanted something from you. And once he found someone else, he didn’t need you anymore. You weren’t real friends. You were only two people who led each other on. Two people who gave ego boosts on late nights spend on Snapchat. Your relationship never had any substance. It was built on lies — at least from his side.

2. He’s too tempted by you and is trying to do right by this new girl. Maybe you were right about his feelings for you. Maybe he was madly in love with you and never knew how to show it. Maybe he’s dating another girl because he doesn’t think he has a chance with you — but he knows it would be dangerous to keep you in his universe. If you were around, he would always be tempted to leave. So he took away that temptation by blocking you.

3. The new girl forced him to do it. She saw some cute pictures of you. Or heard the way he talks about you. And her alarm bells started ringing. She could tell there was something special between you, so she asked him to end your friendship. She asked him to step away from anyone he used to have feelings for in the past. And he agreed to make her happy.

4. Seeing you breaks his heart. He’s trying his hardest to move on from you. In order to do that, he’s trying to keep you out of sight and out of mind. He doesn’t want to be bombarded with reminders of you every time he opens social media. He just wants to forget about you. He wants to stop missing you.

5. He did a social media cleanse. He decided to get rid of a bunch of people he never speaks to anymore and you were on the list. It was nothing personal. Nothing against you. He just figured your story with him was over. He figured you wouldn’t mind if he cut you out, since you haven’t been all that close lately anyway. He didn’t even know if you would notice.

6. He wanted to hurt you. He wanted to block you before you blocked him. He wanted to be the one to move on first. He wanted to be the ‘winner’ in whatever game he thought you were playing.

7. He lost interest in you. This new girl isn’t temporary. She’s permanent. He’s in love with her, and in order to move forward in their relationship, he felt like he had to leave his old loves behind. It hurt, but it was something he needed. Maybe it’s something you needed, too. TC mark

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