26 Couple Tattoos You Won’t Hate — Even If You Break Up

There’s a lot of thought that goes into getting a tattoo: Which artist should you trust? What design do you want? Where will you get inked? More difficult than thinking up a solo piece of body art, though, is committing to one with your significant other. Luckily, there are ways to ensure your couple tattoo looks cool enough to stand the test of time — even if your relationship doesn’t.

First, check out the celebrity BFFs and S.O.s who are covered in tribute tattoos. Then, make your way to Instagram for more inspiration. Feel free to skip over the matching initials, ring-finger bands, or anything else that feels cliché. Instead, look for minimalist designs and simple artwork that you’ll love as much as the other person wearing it. Check out some of our favorites, ahead.

Ain’t no mountain high, valley low, or tattoo too small to show you care.
If you ever need a helping hand, this tattoo will remind you that there’s always one a quick text away (or just over in the other room).
Research has proven the calming effects of lavender — and this tattoo is a little reminder that your partner (or BFF in this case) offers a similar soul-soothing effect.
Friends don’t let friends get finger tattoos alone. Luckily, your loved one will be there to hold your hand through the pain.
Just because you’re together doesn’t mean you share the same taste in tattoos. These two designs couldn’t be more different, but share the same sentimental meaning.
For a fairytale ending kind of love…
Plant tattoos prove just how dedicated you are to watching your love grow.
Whether it’s the day you first met, the day you proposed, or your shared favorite character in the Addams Family, this subtle tribute to your relationship is cute without being cheesy.
Two halves of one… fish? This piece of artwork is subtly sentimental and loaded with color.
The forearm is the place to ink your latest minimal design — so why not do it with your S.O.?
The only love that’s stronger than the one you have for each other is the one you have for your pets.
A tattoo that commemorates your shared love for art — or that your first date obviously took place at the MoMA.
Opt out of the fancy jewelry and choose a stacked knuckle design.
At first glance, it looks like a bunch of squiggles — only those close to you (or lucky enough to get that close) will know it’s your two faces entwined into one.
For two individuals who are strong on their own, but even more powerful together.
Getting a tattoo in each other’s handwriting is the modern way of saying, “I love you.”
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days had a love fern, but it definitely looks cooler in tattoo form.
Eyes are the windows to the soul — that, or you and your S.O. share a similar appreciation of mascara.
Sometimes, simple is better. Three dots, three syllables, three words: I love you.
Even if your new daughter isn’t named Stormi and you’re not an offspring of the Jenner family, you still can use Kylie and Travis Scott’s dainty butterfly as some relationship ink inspo.
A lot of people say that when you really fall in love, you and your partner become one. In this case, so do your tattoos.
This fine line tattoo translates to “forever,” a sentiment that’s even sweeter written in ink.
Coordinating sun-and-moon tattoos are one way to mark which of you is a morning person — and which of you is most certainly not.
Getting someone else’s name inked on your body should be done with caution. Still, when it’s in this beautiful script font, how can you resist?
A permanent reminder that you always have a hand (and heart) in each other.
Matching anatomical hearts for those who find the traditional symbol of love cheesy — or for those who fell in love in medical school.

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