9 Curly Haircuts For When You Want To Go Short

Going for a significantly shorter cut can be scary for anyone, but when it comes to curly hair, there’s an extra level of fear when facing the scissors. One wrong clip can completely throw off the shape, or worse, leave your ends an inch shorter than you’d hoped to go.

Bringing photo inspiration along to your salon appointment is always a good idea, but where do you begin with the countless images on Google Search and endless options hidden under hashtags? Start here, with all the visual inspiration you need to go short with your curls. From pixie chops to angular shapes, check out our favorite ideas from Instagram, ahead.

A pixie on the longer side is a great idea if you’re looking to go super short but want to keep some volume.
Experiment with the silhouette of your curls by playing with angles, like this cut by New York-based stylist Mona Baltazar.
When you go shorter with your natural hair, you can opt for micro-locs, the perfect segue into your loc journey.
If you’re looking to restore your curls, a big chop is ideal to remove the damaged hair and start fresh. This serves as the perfect inspiration to just go for it.
Give your curly cut some bangs while you’re at it.
Once you’ve cut your coils down to a pixie, you can add color at the tips for even more dimension.
Let Tia Mowry’s new crop serve as motivation for a “fresh start.”
Here, Logan Browning proves that going short still provides plenty of styling oppportunities.
If you already have short hair, layers can completely transform your look without sacrificing length.

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