9 Trends We Called Months Ago That Are Now a Really Big Deal

If there’s one thing we love reporting on a tad more than others (at least if you ask me), it’s trends. We gather our evidence everywhere from the runways to Instagram before deeming a sartorial repetition of any kind a “trend” so when we really hit the nail on the head with our predictions, we feel pretty good about ourselves. Since we can’t take any credit for setting said trends, we thought it would fun to quench our curiosity by looking back at some of the popular movements we broke to you abnormally early that are still relevant today. Actually, they are more than just relevant—they’re kind of a really big deal.  

By now, you’ve not only heard of the list of trends ahead, but you’ve probably read about them multiple times on various fashion publications, bought into them, and worn them. A perfect example of what we’re taking the time to give ourselves some good PR over is the croissant handbag trend. We reported on this at the speed of light and before we knew it, everywhere we looked editors and influencers alike were backing the bubbling accessories trend, hard. From popular hues to Who What Wear-coined style names, consider the list below proof that we care about giving you the newest information within this industry the quickest.

Including shopping, imagery, and some timelines, enjoy taking a walk back through some of the trends that we’ve been incubating since day one.     

The trend was called: 13 months ago

The prediction: “The floss heel is set to eclipse last year’s omnipresent naked shoe as the biggest footwear trend of 2019.” — Floss Heels Are the Naked Shoe of 2019” by Nicole Akhtarzad Eshaghpour, Senior Market Editor 

The proof it lasted:

The trend was called: 12 months ago

The prediction: “Here’s what I’ve noticed: I’m seeing far more long, Bermuda-style shorts among the new arrivals at retailers than I am short shorts (with exceptions, of course). It’s currently too cold outside to know what people will actually wear come spring and summer, but I’m predicting that stylish women will embrace the more covered-up look, especially given the popularity of bike shorts, which are typically on the longer side, and the fact that so many cool brands are endorsing the Bermuda trend.” — “I Think the Short-Shorts Trend is Dead—Here’s Why” by Allyson Payer, Senior Editor

Proof it lasted:

The trend was called: 11 months ago

The prediction: “In my recent coverage of the biggest fall 2019 shoe trends, I called out the new boot trend to know—”storm stompers”—and today, I’m going to give you a closer look.

It’s time to start counting down the days to next season because if there’s one thing the runways, market appointments, and Instagram have proved to me, it’s that this ankle boot trend will be everywhere in just six months time, you’ll see.” — This Ankle Boot Trend Trend Is Going to be Everywhere in 6 Months” by Lauren Eggertsen, Senior Fashion Editor 

Proof it lasted: 

The trend was called: 11 months ago

The prediction: “With Prada’s SidonieDior’s saddle, and, most recently, Fendi’s Baguette revival all in the spotlight, and a slew of more under-the-radar iterations by from the likes of By Far, Saks Potts, and Rejina Pyo on their way to being classics, it seems that there’s no time like the present to either bring back your old shoulder bag or invest in a new one.” — An Obituary For the Crossbody Bag and the Details on Its Successor” by Nicole Akhtarzad Eshaghpour, Senior Market Editor 

Proof it lasted:

The trend was called: 7 months ago

The prediction: “There’s no denying that the bourgeoisie trend is on the up-and-up for fall, but before you write it off as too dull or repetitive and wait for the next wave of fads, I implore you to give it a chance. After all, I, for one, am hoping that it sticks with us for some seasons (if not years) to come.” — “The “Boring” Fashion Trend That Will Dominate This Fall” by Nicole Akhtarzad Eshaghpour, Senior Market Editor 

The proof it lasted:

The trend was called: 6 months ago

The prediction: “I’m just the messenger, and the message is that exposed ankles are on the way out, and longer jeans are on their way in.” — Cropped Jeans Are Dying—Shop the Best Long Pairs For Fall” by Nicole Akhtarzad Eshaghpour, Senior Market Editor 

Proof it lasted:

The trend was called: 4 months ago

The prediction: “Love it or hate it, the sweater vest is only set to get bigger, and I predict it’ll be everywhere in 2020.” — The “Ugly” Knitwear Trend You’ll See Everywhere in 3 Months’ Time” by Joy Montgomery, Shopping Editor

Proof it lasted:

The trend was called: 3 months ago

The prediction: “Peasant tops are one thing, but bibs? They’re on an entirely new level. Ganni really broke the ground on this trend, but now that several other designers are offering similar billowy blouses, we’re finally taking note of the growing micro-trend.” — I Spot Micro-Trends Like It’s My Job—Here Are 6 That Are About to Blow Up” by Anna LaPlaca, Associate Editor

Proof it lasted:

The trend was called: 2 months ago

The prediction: “Now in 2020, the popular leather pouches have evolved and taken on a croissant-like form with their layers and folds, ruched details, and curved shoulder-bag shapes. It’s no surprise that Bottega Veneta is again leading the pack with the Shoulder Pouch, which has already been spotted in the closets of everyone from model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to fashion insiders including Pernille Teisbaek—an early indicator that the silhouette will be in-demand long into 2020.” — Croissant Bags: A Trend We Love a Lot” by Kristen Nichols, Managing Editor 

Proof it lasted:

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